Focus on your Writing

From conception to completion, we can help

Write and create while we do the
time-sucking, day-to-day tasks to make your book a success.

With experience in promotion, editing, design, newsletters and marketing, we know how to get your work noticed and increase your sales.

We will be your extra set of hands, ears, and voice so you can concentrate on your talent – being a successful author. We do all those thing that take you away from creating.

Our Clients Speak for Us

Christy Sassmen has masterfully guided me in the social media marketing of my novels. Both my Publisher and I are very pleased with her professionalism and effectiveness. I am working with her on the production of an audio book and look forward to success with that project also. I feel lucky to have found her.
Gary M. Crist
Christy is wonderful. She pushed my books and I saw my sales rise. Her graphics are so professional and eye-catching. Thanks so much. I highly recommend her services.
Ruby Wilder
Christy Sassmen is my PA and has been for two years. I honestly do not know what I would do without her. She goes above and beyond for her clients. I highly recommend her.
Elizabeth Ann Porter
author of the Native Warrior Series
Christy is amazing! She helped me so much to get to where I am now. I’d be lost without her. Friendly, thoughtful and she works her bum off! Can’t speak higher about her!
Terry-Wells Brown
author of the Women of Wine Series
The page is very well put together. Very clear on which services On The Page Author and PA Services provides. Also, I have seen Christy’s work and listened to her audio recordings. She provides a wonderful service and works hard. As to her audio narrative, I could listen to Kristie all day, her voice is very soothing and relaxing.
Mamaw Namid
Reviews Book Blog
I have used Debbe for editing and love working with her! She is a great sounding board and even catches when I use a phrase too many times! She is the first editor I've used who is willing to hop on a phone call to talk things over with you as well. I LOVE THAT!
Kaci Rose
author of the Rock Springs Texas Series
Christy has taken me under her wing and has helped me understand the other side of writing. As a brand new author, I knew nothing about the marketing process and she’s been so patient and helpful in explaining the process to me as well as getting my book out to as many people as possible. I feel like I’m talking to a friend instead of a stranger when I’m working with her.
Shannon McClain
author of Finding Myself, The Beginning
Kristie has been very helpful with all my admin tasks saving me so much more time to write. She is willing to learn anything I throw at her and she is willing to fill in any time needed. She is fun to talk with and great to bounce ideas around with.
Danielle Leonard